Friday, January 18, 2019

This was the week that was

this was a pretty action packed week.  The cupola roof was removed and replaced (see earlier blogs for pics) and it has now been shingled.  And the shingles match the rest of the roof.  Will wonders never cease?

Much work was done on the interior space on trim and walls.

Bergeron has teed up electrical work to begin next week.

We've met with the architect, staff and trustees and are reviewing paint colors, flooring options  and design elements. 

Local mural artist Judy Dibble came in to explore how murals might fit into our new space...stay tuned.  This could be very exciting. 

A new order for Adult Fiction was placed. 

Staff have finalized plans for cooking and serving senior lunch at the Slusser Center on 1/23.  That must be a numeralogically significant date. 

And many people came in to stock up on books and movies for the long SNOW filled weekend.  That's what a library is for!! 

We were sad to learn that Richard Schaefer, husband of longtime library volunteer Eleanor Schaefer died this week.  He was also father to former Fire Chief Rick Schaefer.  Our thoughts go out to the family. 

As ever, give a holler if you have questions.  Have a lovely weekend. dvd

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