Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Snow and cold

I confess that one of the benefits of working from our cozy spot over at Slusser is that I don't have to decide whether to open or close due to the weather.  We stick by what Slusser does and they defer to whatever decision is made by Steve Chamberlin, the school superintendent.  Over to you Steve...

Today we reviewed some drawings of our new "Welcome" desk--this will be a merged Circulation/Reference desk, as we used to call them in the old days before August 3rd.  Staff has been thinking that the terms "circulation" and "reference" have more meaning for people in the library biz.  We're trying out "Welcome" as the name for what will be our newly merged desk (where you'll return books, check out items and ask questions...one stop shopping)  If you have any thoughts on what we might call this new desk, let us know.  Fritz? 

Meanwhile, those Pats fans out there were probably thrilled with the outcome of Sunday's game.  For me, more thrilling was the eclipse of the Super Wolf Blood Moon on Sunday night.  I didn't stay up as late as my husband and daughter did, but it was way cool and apparently it was hit by a meteorite in the process.  Stay warm out there.  dvd

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