Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thursday things

Some of you may see news through the Concord Monitor's new Hopkinton news site that we will be opening in March.  It is probably too early to make that statement.  There are too many variables at play to  be able to predict that with any confidence--designs need to be finalized, furniture needs to be built, funds need to be raised .  I'll give you an update early in the year, when we may have a better idea about timing.  The cupola roof was supposed to come off on Friday, but that was delayed because of the rain forecast.  Fingers crossed for next week, with the cooperation of the Bergeron elves. 

We have had guys (all guys at this stage) from Bergeron onsite steadily for the past couple of weeks working on trim and drywall.  That has been a wonderful thing! Energy Efficient Investments team has also been here working on tightening up the insulation on the perimeter of the building.  We have been working with Jason LaCombe at SMP Architects on refining a variety of details on the internal design of the building, including looking at wall colors and floor coverings.  Ideas and recommendations that were generated from our long range planning process are being integrated into the planning. As we've been saying from the start, we have had an extraordinary opportunity to revisit all aspects of our work and to incorporate ideas and recommendations into our new space planning.

Meanwhile, I wish all of you the very best of the holiday season.  We will be open on Friday 12/21 until 4:30, then closed until January 2nd, following the lead of the Slusser Center.  You'll probably hear from me before then. 

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